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Clockwork Synergy Classic Nylon Nato watch straps bands (22mm, Navy / White / Orange)

Article - Clockwork Synergy Classic Nylon Nato watch straps bands (22mm, Navy / White / Orange)

Modern and popular wristwatch named Clockwork Synergy Classic Nylon Nato watch straps bands (22mm, Navy / White / Orange). The price of watch in american dollar is (11.95, 'USD').

Modern creator who invent this popular wristwatch is Clockwork Synergy, LLC. This special model of female wrist watch is diamond in the world of womens watches as well as the owner who wears it and if you buy a wrist watch your glamour will add another plus.This womens watch is a mirror of beauty and modernity and brand is not happy to give up this article. Ladies who bought him have only words of praise. In millimeter precise dimension of casualwristwatch is 22mm. Beautiful color of casual wristwatch is Navy / White / Orange.Among other things article is characterized by: For sale is our Classic Nato Military Replacement watch straps. Our watch straps are designed with the highest quality nylon material. Durable but comfortable! Built with a 100% Stainless Steel hardware. Length is 10.8 inches long. Adjustable to fit most size wrists. All of our products comes with our signature Branded Clockwork Synergy Box!. Components of this watch are made from: Dial Window Material Type: Interchangeable | Band Material: Nylon |. See the current offer,mouse click on button Click To Order and buy this article from

Category - Casual Bands

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Price - 11.95 $

Brand - Clockwork Synergy, LLC

Rating - 4.5

Article Clockwork Synergy Classic Nylon Nato watch straps bands (22mm, Navy / White / Orange) has a rating of 4.5 based on 9 customer marks

Color & Size - Navy / White / Orange & 22mm

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Grosgrain ribbons, made of nylon, are sometimes used for making bracelets for watches. They are also commonly referred to as tape strips or "NATO" tapes. Tapes are cheap, very durable and can be easily and quickly moved out to fit an individual's outfit or mood. Grosgrain straps come in solid colors and stripes of the most often, but sometimes even plaid. Since grosgrain band watch is fairly simple structure, consisting of nylon grosgrain ribbon with center bar clamps or other simple style buckle and matching grosgrain keeper at one end and pierced on the other, the so-called "NATO" tape has a very special model which is most easily separated by the existence of a pair of metal holders, which can not be found in simple grosgrain watchband. Strictly speaking, the "NATO" tape is one that has a number of stocks NATO, which uniquely identifies requisitioning for purposes similar to the item or part numbers to identify the goods found in any shopping catalog. The more correct name for "NATO" strips "G10" or "G10 tape." In 1973, "Strap, Wrist Watch" made its debut in the British Ministry of Defense standard (DefStan) 66-15. For the soldiers to get their hands on one, they had to fill in a form known as G1098, or G10 for short. Later, you can retrieve tape supply store their units with the same name. Although it was the British Ministry of Defense is the name for the band nondescript, its exact specifications.MO-released G10 straps are nylon, only the "Admiralty Grey", with a width of 20 mm, and the chrome-plated brass buckle and imetniki.Druga key feature was the second, shorter part of the nylon strap attached to the clip. As the band, which is used by the military is required to be functional and fail safe. Third nylon had a keeper at its end, through which the main portion of the tape is passed through, after it is wrapped behind the clock. This has created a pocket watch limiting the distance could not move. As long as the belt passes through the adequate and close to the wrist, the watch will remain where it is needed. Bonus Feature tape, which runs in the background guard is that in the event of a spring break bar or pops, the clock will still be secured by a second spring bar. Since 1973, the G10 strap saw a slight change. The current version has been reduced by 18 mm (this is due to established on the military issue watch Cabot Watch Company 18mm ear) and now has steel hardware, stainless. In 1978, the company known as Phoenix took over the production of MO-spec G10 strip, and would be "the real thing" if one is looking for her today. Not long after it was issued simply "Admiralty Grey" G10, British military regiments began to wear ribbons respect their regimental colors with stripes of all colors and combinations. One sample of the tape strip has become more famous than all the rest, but to call it a G10 or "NATO" tape is actually wrong. When Sean Connery's Bond famously checked his watch "Big Crown" Submariner (Ref 6538) in Goldfinger, it showed striped nylon strap.Moreover, it is obviously too narrow width of the tape is notable for its navy blue with red and green rtami.tevilni enthusiasts watch this tape are marked as "Bond NATO". Despite their similarities tape is G10, Goldfinger began recording in 1964, it was released nine years before the first G10 MO tape. Questions Timeline aside, it is clear that he wore tape Connery had a very simple structure in one piece, is not contrary to the zone, and distinctly different from the real "NATO" or G10 tape.