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Created Opal Earrings Sterling Silver Heart Shape 1.00 Carats

Article - Created Opal Earrings Sterling Silver Heart Shape 1.00 Carats

Admirable piece of jewelry from category of stud earrings and name of Created Opal Earrings Sterling Silver Heart Shape 1.00 Carats. This item has has top style and his price is (27.99, 'USD') which is proportional to the quality of article.

  • Lab Created Opal, Shimmering Multicolor Gemstone
  • .925 Sterling Silver
  • Earrings Feature Stud Posts with Secure Friction Backs
  • Exclusive Craftsmanship and Styling
  • Includes Gift Packaging

Enjoy this piece of jewelry for many years. know that you are buying top quality luxury item and carrying it to increase your confidence. Jewelry brand responsible for the creation of this item is Peora. Premium material from which it is created is .925 rhodium flashed silver Created opal, Cubic zirconia . Jewelry characteristics are: Gemstones: 2 pieces Lab Created White Opal, Heart Cabochon Shape, 5 mm, shimmering multi-color hues, 1.00 Total Carat Weight. 6 Pieces Super Sparkling White Cubic Zirconia. Earrings: 1.5 grams pure Sterling Silver with .925 Stamp. Earrings feature exceptional Design, Craftsmanship and Rhodium finishing. Perfect gift for Mothers Day, Birthdays, Valentines Day, Graduation, Christmas or just about any other occasion. Money Back Guarantee. Includes a Signature Gift Box. Style SE8372. Good pricer,dont miss it! Buy this product.

Category - Stud Earrings

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Price - 27.99 $

Brand - Peora

Rating - 3.5

Article Created Opal Earrings Sterling Silver Heart Shape 1.00 Carats has a rating of 3.5 based on 10 customer marks

Color & Size - None & None

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