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Funfash Plus Size Clothing for Women Empire Waist Sleeveless Slimming Cocktail Dress

Article - Funfash Plus Size Clothing for Women Empire Waist Sleeveless Slimming Cocktail Dress

A well designed casual dress, fenomenal, perfect quality article name of Funfash Plus Size Clothing for Women Empire Waist Sleeveless Slimming Cocktail Dress at an honest price of (49.0, 'USD') that will surprise you.

  • 92% Poly/8% Spandex
  • Fabric feels slinky smooth and soft on your skin
  • Wrinkle free, perfect for packing on vacation or cruise
  • Stunning sublimation print on both front and back
  • Made in USA! Fast Shipping Mon Fri. Except Postal Holidays.
  • Measurements and size chart is below in PRODUCT DESCRIPTION section.

Beautiful designer dress who tailored for women who love the aesthetics. It is created from premium materials and a lot of creativity is invested in making these dress. This fashion dress is suitable for all occasions and it will shine wherever you show up. It will highlight your silhouette like a silhouette of a model and you will be terribly attractive lady. This Casual Dress is available in multiple sizes, choose your during the order process. Have on your body this item emphasizes your personal traits and emphasizes your sophistication to the end. Size of this article is 2X Plus. Brand that produces the item is Funfash. Funfash Plus Size Clothing for Women Empire Waist Sleeveless Slimming Cocktail Dress is recognizable by: An original design by Funfash. We are a 100% USA owned brand. Every detail of our collection is designed with you and your curves in mind! Our fabrics are selected for exceptional softness and flattering draping. Fabrics are of high quality, always sourced in the USA.The USA workmanship is of impeccable standard. Just what you would expect from a Funfash brand.Enjoy the compliments with this stunningly slinky dress. You'll love the easy care fabric and its comfortable, soft feel. Wear it with your best leather jacket and booties for nighttime, or with a Funfash soft, feminine cardigan or duster for a daytime, easy feel.With timeless low cut neckline, this has a sexy, close-to-the-body fit above the waist, with a flattering draping skirt below.Perfect for work or play, you'll be impressed with the grace and fashion savvy this dress brings to your wardrobe.Choosing what to wear for that perfect night on the town just became a lot easier with this original design from FunfashWe offer this dress in several colors and stunningly unique sublimation prints, they are sure to look gorgeous paired with any shoes in your closet. Buy yours now and stand out from the crowd. Your unique fashion statement will not be duplicated. All authentic Funfash design will be shipped to you by us directly from the USA. No other seller is authorized.Bust (By Size): 9/11 - 40'' to 44'' | 16 - 44'' to 46'' | 18/20 - 46'' to 50'' | 22/24 - 50'' to 54'' (Please remove 2 inches per cup size for D or above) Length from shoulder seam (By Size): 9/11 - 43'' |16 - 43.5'' | 18/20 - 44'' | 22/24 - 44.50''. Product color is Blue. Item is made of poly spandex. Want to buy this article. Click on button Click To Order.

Category - Casual Dresses

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Price - 49.00 $

Brand - Funfash

Rating - 4.5

Article Funfash Plus Size Clothing for Women Empire Waist Sleeveless Slimming Cocktail Dress has a rating of 4.5 based on 91 customer marks

Color & Size - Blue & 2X Plus

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A casual maxi dress (also known as a frock or dress) is a garment consisting of a skirt with attached bodice. In Western culture, maxi dresses are more often worn by women and girls. The hemlines of clothing depend on the whims of fashion and the modesty or personal taste of the user. History 19th century casual dresses for women increased dramatically in hoop skirt and crinoline 1860 supports styles; then the fullness dressed and pointed at the back. Dresses had a “day” bodice with a high neckline and long sleeves, and “evening” bodice with a low neckline and very short sleeves. During this period, the length of fashionable dresses varied only slightly, between ankle length and floor-sweeping. Usage In most varieties formal dress code in Western cultures, a suitable dress style is compulsory for women. They are also very popular for special occasions such as proms and weddings. Such occasions are still de facto standard suit for most women. In the European tradition, it is a casual dress code that emphasizes comfort and personal expression through presentations, formality and consistency. It covers a very wide range of costume, so it may be better defined by what it is not than what it is. The following shall not be considered casual wear:Formal dress as royal clothes and full military dress costume formal wear, such as a white tie. Semi-formal than black tie. Business professional wear such as suits and ties. Although it may be considered “informal” in the meaning of “no formal” or “suitable for everyday use,” informal dress actually refers to the dress code more formal than casual wear, a step below Semi-formal wear. Jeans and T-shirt were described as “casual uniform”. With the popularity of sports viewers in the late 20th century, it is a big part of athletic gear effect sportswear. Clothing worn for manual labor also falls in casual wear. While utilitarian costume is a first for a casual outfit bothers, but also a wide range of flamboyance and theatricality. Punk costume is an obvious example. Madonna has introduced a lot of lace, jewelry and cosmetics to sportswear in 1980. Recently, hip hop fashion played up elaborate jewelry and luxurious fabrics worn in conjunction with athletic equipment and apparel handiwork. Sportswear is usually a dress code in which new forms of expression, gender tried before they were taken in a semi-casual or semi-formal situations. An obvious example is the male jewelry that was once shocking or titillating in casual rounds, and is now barely worth mentioning, in the semi-formal situation. Amelia presented Bloomer pants (for some) women as a casual alternative to the formal hoops and wings. In a recent mirror image were sarongs and other wings embrace some men European tradition as a casual alternative to the formal shorts. Both developments led to a lot of embarrassment in official circles. Exposure of the skin is most pronounced in casual wear, it includes all the swimsuits, but the trend of exposure to a woman in the 20th century has pushed the necklines formal gowns, ball still lower and skirts cocktail dresses growing. For men, the exposure of shoulders, thighs and backs still limited to casual wear. Smart Casual is ambiguous defined dress code, which is usually smooth yet informal dress. Location, type of events, context or culture represents a different interpretation of the dress code and the appointment of certain clothing items, such as Smart Casual controversial, for example, jeans. History Smart Casual was first mentioned in a newspaper in Iowa Davenport Democrat and leader in May 1924:Sleeveless dress with three-quarter over blouses in Smock completed by the appearance of street wear, to recognize the different interpretations. It is practiced at a time and gives a smart casual look. Smart casual is often used in the last century and joined in the expression business casual in 1950, which means more casual clothes than the traditional, usual dark suit in heavy cloth. Definitions National Dictionary Australian Macquarie Dictionary defines Smart Casual “good dressed in casual style.” Oxford defines it as “smooth, they agreed, but relatively informal in style, especially as worn to match a specific dress code.” 21st Century Lexicon defines it as “clothing, somewhat informal, but handsome.” ClothingPersonal judgment is required to interpret the ill-defined term Smart Casual, based on its context, themes, people, location, weather, and spirit. The Italian fashion house Brioni explains Smart Casual did not question the inventory or classification but knowledge and good taste for the understanding of the environment; It demonstrates that Smart Casual summer in Sardinia is different Smart Casual winter in Toronto. Australian freelance fashion director comments, “Smart Casual dress code is the most open to interpretation, and one of the least understood”, and advises wearing Newer paint, lighter, softer fabrics, patterned, relaxed, thoughtful, less structured, clean and do not conflict with the garment fabrics, such as linen, cashmere, fine wool and cottoncotton, which are freshly washed. Global Topman men's fashion magazine emphasizes the flexibility of smart casual. An individual's personality and the satisfaction of wearing apparel choice provides Dress, provided that the dress suit multipurpose acceptable for formal occasions, casual dating or socializing. Topman explains casual and formal clothing pieces are mixed and matched, and demonstrates smart casual dress may include a mix of jeans, blazers, sweaters, ties, a pair of brogue shoes, dress shirts or a pair of Converse shoes. Norwegian and American cruise line brand Royal Caribbean International explains, Smart Casual in the main dining room on board its fleet. Blazers, trousers, neckties or shirts are acceptable, but shorts, jeans or t-shirts are unacceptable for men. Dresses, casual dresses or pantsuits for women are acceptable. The Australian national newspaper The Sunday Mail in Brisbane defines man Casual Smart in the context of the workplace, and events such as “look sharp without being too formal, it\'s a professional but also relaxed.\'Jacket, dress shirt, tie and jeans are shown as smart casual dress. Piping on the jacket, so that the “preppy look” downgrade formality is plotted as polished video. Podrobno as striped canvas belt and white shoes with a pair of casual trousers and check shirt, pointed to a smart casual look. It is suggested men have: (a) a pair of chinos in all colors of the primary shades to pastels; (B) short sleeve shirt examinations or solid bright colors; and (c) the deconstructed jacket in her wardrobe for a smart casual look. Fairfax Media Australian fashion guru explains female Smart Casual dress. Guru discourages women to wear socks, tank tops, jeans with singlet tops unless worn under another top or blouse, mini skirts, ripped clothes, indicating boots and slippers. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Steven and Chris to explain Smart Casual is “simple and convenient way to dress.” Jeans, depending on the context and the environment in the workplace is not recommended. Men\'s clothing is a pair of khakis or casual pants with collared or polo shirt and blazer shown. For the dress of women are stylists, note the diversity of options of clothes and recommend: (a) keeping items of clothing easily; (B) not too dressy fabrics; and (c) a more casual accessories. The British newspaper The Guardian attempts to clarify Smart Casual in terms of employment by examining various recruitment consultants. They answered: (a) stand out but blend with the understanding of the environment in the workplace; (B) to achieve business and professional appearance with clarifying the dress in advance, because it's better to be overdressed than dressed; (C) wear a smart jacket if you avoid clothes that give the impression of “good entrance, because it has a touch of formality: ex, Good cut ditch, wearing an open shirt and neat slacks” (D) wear additives, “to show the creativity and attention to detail”, but keep them to a minimum; (E) a smart, plain and straight jeans are acceptable; and (f), shoes must be clean and un-scruffy. Global men\'s fashion magazine GQ in the UK trying defining Smart Casual for a job interview. Wearing chinos, he suggested blazer and white shirt to impress. Wearing a tie is advisable; Comments author, “is much more uncomfortable as the lack dressed like more.” Global Women's Cosmopolitan magazine in South Africa interprets Smart Casual as a way most South African women dress for work. In addition, work clothing is interchangeable for use on large or small daily customers, and wore a dress shirt with a stylish accessory is recommended. Pakistani fashion show Fashion Central defines women smart casual look in terms of employment. Understanding the environment in the workplace and culture is emphasized and checking dress code policies of the company is highly recommended. Fashion Central describing Smart Casual clothing uncolored and wrinkles with non-noisy and non-bright colors that reflect the age of the woman. Too fancy or too casual clothes are discouraged, as well as using extreme make-up, such as with the use of dark, glossy or pale shades, or using too much eye shadow. Fashion Central reports to black or brown heels are women prefer and advise correctly choose the appropriate shoes for the environment workplace.