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Funfash Plus Size Clothing for Women Empire Waist Sleeveless Slimming Cocktail Dress

Article - Funfash Plus Size Clothing for Women Empire Waist Sleeveless Slimming Cocktail Dress

A superb, beautiful, beautifully designed, unusual, comfortable special occasion dress, special, specific quality article name of Funfash Plus Size Clothing for Women Empire Waist Sleeveless Slimming Cocktail Dress at an affordable price of (49.0, 'USD') that will surprise you.

  • 92% Poly/8% Spandex
  • Fabric feels slinky smooth and soft on your skin
  • Wrinkle free, perfect for packing on vacation or cruise
  • Stunning sublimation print on both front and back
  • Made in USA! Fast Shipping Mon Fri. Except Postal Holidays.
  • Measurements and size chart is below in PRODUCT DESCRIPTION section.

Beautiful designer dress creatively designed for ladies who love luxury and elegance . Its made from premium materials and top designers worked on it. This modern dress is adaptive for all happening and and you will be in accordance with the latest worldwide trends. It will make your silhouette to bring to the fore like a silhouette of a model and you will be irresistible from all angles. This Special Occasion dress is available in various sizes, select your during the order process. Wear - use this article indicates your unique individuality to the final line shows your sexuality and attractiveness. Size of item are 1X Plus. Fashion house that created the item is Funfash. Funfash Plus Size Clothing for Women Empire Waist Sleeveless Slimming Cocktail Dress is characterized by: An original design by Funfash. We are a 100% USA owned brand. Every detail of our collection is designed with you and your curves in mind! Our fabrics are selected for exceptional softness and flattering draping. Fabrics are of high quality, always sourced in the USA.The USA workmanship is of impeccable standard. Just what you would expect from a Funfash brand.Enjoy the compliments with this stunningly slinky dress. You'll love the easy care fabric and its comfortable, soft feel. Wear it with your best leather jacket and booties for nighttime, or with a Funfash soft, feminine cardigan or duster for a daytime, easy feel.With timeless low cut neckline, this has a sexy, close-to-the-body fit above the waist, with a flattering draping skirt below.Perfect for work or play, you'll be impressed with the grace and fashion savvy this dress brings to your wardrobe.Choosing what to wear for that perfect night on the town just became a lot easier with this original design from FunfashWe offer this dress in several colors and stunningly unique sublimation prints, they are sure to look gorgeous paired with any shoes in your closet. Buy yours now and stand out from the crowd. Your unique fashion statement will not be duplicated. All authentic Funfash design will be shipped to you by us directly from the USA. No other seller is authorized.Bust (By Size): 9/11 - 40'' to 44'' | 16 - 44'' to 46'' | 18/20 - 46'' to 50'' | 22/24 - 50'' to 54'' (Please remove 2 inches per cup size for D or above) Length from shoulder seam (By Size): 9/11 - 43'' |16 - 43.5'' | 18/20 - 44'' | 22/24 - 44.50''. Color of product is Blue. Item is made of poly spandex. Want to buy this article. Click on button Click To Order.

Category - Special Occasion

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Price - 49.00 $

Brand - Funfash

Rating - 4.5

Article Funfash Plus Size Clothing for Women Empire Waist Sleeveless Slimming Cocktail Dress has a rating of 4.5 based on 91 customer marks

Color & Size - Blue & 1X Plus

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