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Jennifer Lopez Glow - Eau de toilette, 100 ml.

Article - Jennifer Lopez Glow - Eau de toilette, 100 ml.

Perfect item from category of Eau de Toilette. The product name is Glow By Jennifer Lopez For Women. Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4 Ounces and it is one of the best selling item. It is very popular among ladies and we sincerely hope that you also be satisfied. Item price is (22.77, 'USD').

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Brand that produces this item is Jennifer Lopez. Magnitude of this eau de toilette is 3.4 Oz. . Eau de Toilette is made of chemical ingredients: Orange Flower. This item is recognizable by: Introduced in 2002. Fragrance notes: flowers, fruit and amber wih vanilla make this clean, alluring scent. Recommended use: daytime.When applying any fragrance please consider that there are several factors which can affect the natural smell of your skin and, in turn, the way a scent smells on you.  For instance, your mood, stress level, age, body chemistry, diet, and current medications may all alter the scents you wear.  Similarly, factor such as dry or oily skin can even affect the amount of time a fragrance will last after being applied. Hurry up, special offer for today. Click on button CLICK TO ORDER to see what we are talking about.

Category - Eau de Toilette

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Price - 16.54 $

Brand - Jennifer Lopez

Rating - 4.5

Article Jennifer Lopez Glow - Eau de toilette, 100 ml. has a rating of 4.5 based on 905 customer marks

Color & Size - None & 3.4 oz

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Eau de toilette eau de parfum is lightly scented cologne is used as a skin freshener. The term bathroom / toilet in this context describes the procedure for cleaning and personal care products.Eau de toilette is also called as "flavored water" and has a high alcohol content. This is usually applied directly to the skin after bathing or shaving. It was originally composed of alcohol and various esential oils. Traditionally, these products were named after the main constituent; some geranium water, lavender water, lavender water, purple water, spirit myrcia and "eau de Bretfeld". Because of this, eau de toilette eau de parfume is sometimes referred to as the "flower water".In modern perfumery, the term eau du toilettee is usually used to describe the concentration of fragrance with eau du toilettee weaker than Eau de Parfum and stronger than cologne. Types Eau de toilette is a weaker concentration of fragrance as pure perfume. The concentration of aromatic compounds is generally as follows (lowest concentration):Splash and After shave: 1-3% aromatic compoundsEau de Cologne (EDC): Citrus type perfumes with about 2-6% perfume concentrate of aromatic compoundsEau de Toilette (EDT): 5-15% (typically ~ 10%), aromatic compoundsEau de Parfum (EDP), Parfum de Toilette (PDT): 10-20% (typically ~ 15%) aromatic compounds. Sometimes referred to as "eau de parfum" or "Millesime".Perfume extract (Extrait): 15-40% (IFRA: typically 20%) aromatic compoundsPerfume oils are often diluted with a solvent, although this is not always the case, and its necesity is disputed.Until now, the most common diluent perfume oil is ethanol or a mixture of ethanol and water. Perfume is a mixture of about 10-20% of perfume oil, mixed with an alcohol (which acts as a dispersing agent delivering fragrant smell) and traces of water. Cologne have about 3-5% of perfume oil is mixed with 80-90% of alcohol with about 5 to 15 percent of water in the mixture. Originally, eau de cologne is a blend of citrus oils from fruits such as lemons, oranges, tangerines, limes and grapefruit. These were combined with such substances as lavender and neroli (orange-flower oil). Toilet water has a minimum quantity of a mixture of perfume oils between the three main current "perfumes" category. It is only about 2 to 8 percent of a kind of perfume oil, and 60-80% alcohol dispersent water that difference. Toilet water is les concentrated form of the above types of alcohol-based perfumes. Traditionally, cologne usually from citrus oils and aromas, while the toilet water is not limited to this specification. History In the fourteenth century Hungarian eau du toilettee, eau de Cologne predecesor, was produced. Queen Elisabeth of Hungary (1305-1380) created a fragrant blend of oil with alcohol that evaporated slowly on your skin. Hungary water was first eau de toilette eau de parfume developed. The toilet water was called "eau de la reine de hongrie", and was based on rosemary.King Louis XIV of France (1638-1715) used the concoction smells called "heavenly water" on perfume shirts; It contained aloewood, musk, orange blosom, rose water and other spices.Some Eau de toilette were once considered restorative skin toners medical koristi.Revija Medical Record reported in 1905 that the eau de toilette eau de parfume spray restores energy lost in the busines, social and domestic conditions. In the fourteenth through the sixteenth century was a kind of toilet water called "water plague" to drive away the plague.Varieties Carmelite water - toilet water lemon balm, orange flower, angelica root and spices ready to Charles V of France, first made in 1379 by the Carmelite nuns in the abbey.Carnation Toilet Water - extract 2.5 pints Jasmine, Orange Flower Extract 2.5 pints, pints 5 Rose extract, tincture of vanilla 20 ounces of Pink Oil (synthetic) 2 ounces.Creole Toilet Water - for 6.75 ounces orris root cut into small pieces, put 1.5 pint of rubbing alcohol. Let this mixture stand for 2 weeks, stirring occasionally. Then filter the mixture and add 3 pints of French brandy and 3 drops of orange blosom oil. Add 0.75 ounce of liquid oils of geranium. Distillation and add a little esence of coumarin.Eau de Lavande Ambre - a favorite of Spanish women who use it in their hair and on your skin after bathing.Florida Water - based on the formula of the nineteenth century for commercial prepared toilet water, which mixes floral esential oils.Geranium Toilet Water - Oil rose geranium, 2 ounces; orris root tincture, 2 ounces; tincture of musk, 1 drop; rose water, 8 ounces: alcohol, 4 pints.Heliotrope Toilet Water - heliotropine, 2 drops; rose oil, 15 minims; bergamot oil, drop in half; neroli oil, 5 minims; alcohol, 10 ounces; water, 6 ounces.Honey water - old-time English toiletries vode.British Pharmaceutical Codex gives the formula.Jasmine eau de toilette eau de parfume - made with spirits in Cologne, jasmine and alcohol.Kananga Water - the "holy water" which is used to clean the revival rituals.Lavender water - formula, called the "top Ten" consists of 1 ounce of liquid oils of lavender, 8 ounces of fluid deodorized alcohol, 3 ounces of liquids rose water and 80 grains of magnesium carbonate.Kita - honey distilled water with cloves, lavender and neroli.Oriental Toilet Water - an extensive list of ingredients is given in section useful and practical Notes National Apothecary.Rose water toilet water - extract 1 pint of rose, tuberose than 1 pint, 1 pint of casia, jasmine 4 ounces, 3 ounces of tincture of Civet. Popular in the Middle East, especially Egypt and called "maward".Vienna Cosmetic Toilet Water - bruised almonds, 15 parts; orange blosom water, 62 parts; Water from Roses, 62 parts. Rub up the almonds with water, allow to stand. Later added borate soda, Part 1; spirit of benzoin, 2 parts. Disolved.White Rose Toilet Water - one ounce triple extract of white roses, 3 drops of rose oil, 3 drops of oil of rose geranium, 26 ounces of cologne spirits and 6 ounces of hot water.Hugh C. Muldoonin presented different eau du toilette e formula is a "make-Own Toilet peculiarities" in the Bulletin of Pharmacy of the 1917th. Scented water, odorous water or fresh water, the water is sweet, aromatic odor. It is made from the flowers or herbs and is a forerunner of the modern perfume. Scented water is also used in the manufacture of other products, such as pomanders and body care products. Ingredients Some of flowers and herbs that are used to make scented water are:Jasmine mostly used in Indonesia for the enchanted bath. It is also used for cleaning the curse from another shaman or demon.lemonLavender - lavare from the Latin word, which means to wash.myrtle - one of the original flowers - one of the most famous waters. Orange flower water is also used in a variety of cuisines to flavor desserts and to mask the taste of hard water.roses - distilled used in cosmetics. Rose water, a byproduct traditional production of rose oil is visibly used in desserts in the Middle East and North Indian cuisine.Rosemary - believed that refuses to grow in flower gardens evil people. Hygiene In the Middle Ages it was used scented water for hygiene person wash their hands before eating it, because there were many dishes forkless. Wealthy since the Middle Ages had their linen cloths boiled in fragrant water. Varahamihira (6th century) was to clean up their toothbrush you use scented water. Shortly before the execution of Marie Antoinette in 1793 one of its staff, he was able to smuggle her some applications also required a minimum, one of the few scented water for teeth. Medical Hippocrates mentions scented water in their medical practice: Washing waterBoccaccio in his Decameron mentions scented washing water:Refreshments It was the custom of the Roman Empire to the amphitheatres are equipped with fragrant water jet fountain sprays for refreshing game. Overhead canopy (velarium) protection stands for Colosseum was saturated with the scent of water dripping scented water on the minds of the visitor to keep them cool.