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Lanza Healing ColorCare Color Preserving Shampoo 10.1 oz & Conditoner 8.5 oz duo

Article - Lanza Healing ColorCare Color Preserving Shampoo 10.1 oz & Conditoner 8.5 oz duo

This great product from category of Hair Conditioner. Name of the article is Lanza Healing ColorCare Color Preserving Shampoo 10.1 oz & Conditoner 8.5 oz duo and we strongly recommend it to everybody. Women love this article and its very cost effective. Article value is (29.88, 'USD').

  • Shampoo and Conditioner combo helps to revitalize and moisturize your hair. A complete system of hair care especially designed to help hair look and feel thicker and healthier

Company that manufactures this product is L'anza. Magnitude of this hair conditioner is 10 Oz _8.5 Oz Duo. . Hair Conditioner is made of chemical ingredients: Click On More Info Button. Item is famous by for clor. Hurry up,click on button Click To Order to order item via

Category - Hair Conditioners

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Price - 29.88 $

Brand - L'anza

Rating - 4.5

Article Lanza Healing ColorCare Color Preserving Shampoo 10.1 oz & Conditoner 8.5 oz duo has a rating of 4.5 based on 95 customer marks

Color & Size - None & 10 Oz _8.5 Oz Duo

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Natural hair conditioner is a hair care product that alters the texture and appearance of hair. History For centuries, the natural oils are used to condition human hair. Balsam popular with men in the late Victorian era is Macasar oil, but this product is quite greasy and requires attaching a small cloth known as a cap on the chairs and sofas keep upholstery from damage by Macasar oil. Modern best conditioner for dry hair has been created at the turn of the 20th century, when the famous Perfumer Ed. Pinaud presented a product named Brilliantine at the 1900 Exposition Universally in Paris. The product has been designed to soften men's hair, including beard and mustache. Since the invention of the early products Pinaud has advanced modern science natural hair conditioner industry, even those with silicone, fatty alcohols and quaternary ammonium compounds. These products offer the advantages of chemical deep hair conditioner without feeling greasy or heavy. Hair conditioner is different from creme rinse (sometimes spelled “cream rinse”). Creme Rinse is simply Dangler and, as the name suggests, has a thinner consistency than balm. Hair conditioner is thicker material which coats the cuticle of hair itself. Ingredients There are several types of the best conditioner for dry hair components that differ in composition and functions:Moisturizers, whose task it is to have moisture in your hair. Usually they contain a high proportion of humectants. Reconstructors, usually containing hydrolyzed protein. Their role is supposed to penetrate into the hair and strengthens its structure through croslinking the polymer. Acidifiers acidity regulators, which maintain balm has a pH of about 3.5. In contact with the acidic environment, somewhat scaly surface of the hair it tightens as it strengthens the hydrogen bonds between the keratin molecules. Which detangler modify the surface of the hair with a pH as acidifying and / or by coating with a polymer as glosers. Thermal protection, usually heat-absorbing polymers, protects hair from excessive heat caused by, for example, blow-drying, curling irons or hot rollers. Glosers, which reflects the light of the chemical, which binds to the surface of the hair. Usually it polymers generally silicones, for example dimethicone or cyclomethicone. Oils (EFA - essential fatty acids), which can help dry / porous hair becomes soft and supple. Scalp produces natural oil, called sebum. EFA is the closest thing to natural sebum (sebum contains EFA). Surfactant - about 97% of hair consists of a protein called keratin. Surface keratin containing negatively charged amigo acids. Conditioners, therefore, tend to contain the cat ionic surfactants, which do not wash out completely, because of their hydrophobic ends strongly bind to keratin. Hydrophobic ends of the surfactant molecules act as a new surface of the hair. Lubricants such as fatty alcohols, panthenol, dimethicone, etc. Sequestrant, for better performance in hard water. AntistaticPreservativesFor sunscreen to protect against protein catabolism and loss of color. Currently, benzophenone-4 and ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate are sunscreens commonly used in products for hair. Cinnamidopyltrimonium chloride and a few others are used in much smaller meri. Skupne shades used on the skin are rarely used for hair products because of its texture and severity. Devices are often acidic, such as low pH protonates the amigo acids that provide the hair with a positive charge, and so more of the hydrogen bonds between the keratin scale, which provides the hair with a more compact structure. Organic acids, such as citric acid are commonly used to maintain the acidity. Types Pack devices are heavy and thick, with a high content of surfactants, which can bind to the hair structure, and the “glue” the surface of hair scales together. These are commonly used for hair for a longer time. Surfactants based on long straight aliphatic chain-like saturated fatty acids. Their molecules have a tendency to crystallize readily gives conditioner higher viscosity and tends to form a thick layer on the surface of the hair. Leave-in devices are thinner and have a variety of surface-active substances which add little material on the hair. They are based on the unsaturated chains are curved not straight. This design means that they are less prone to crystallization, resulting in lighter, less viscous mixture and provides a substantially thinner layer of the hair. The difference between the leave-in devices and packages is similar to the difference between fats and oils. Allow the device is intended for use in a similar way to the receiving oil to prevent tangling of hair and keeping it smooth. Its use is particularly prevalent ones with natural hair color. Ordinary devices combine certain aspects of both package and leave-in nature. These are usually applied directly after application of the shampoo and conditioner manufacturers are normally prepared by the equivalent for this name. Lightht devices based on cat ionic poly electrolyte polymers having hair in the desired shape. They have both the function and composition similar to diluted hair gel.