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Lifeprotector app - call emergency without any button only with VOICE

Protection From Criminals

Protect yourself from burglars, thieves, robbers and kidnappers. The software "Life Protector" continuously listens your voice commands, even when it is locked in your pocket, in case if you are faced with criminals,you just have to say a voice command "Call Police" or your custom voice command, the program "Life Protector" will automatically without pressing any key call the police and inform your nearest on the problem and the location where you are. You can also find the nearest police station from your current location with just one click on button Locate Police.

Lifeprotector app - call emergency without any button only with VOICE

Protection from Rapists

The world is full of maniacs and sex offenders or predators. Total number of registered sex offenders only in United States is 747,408 and percent of sexually molested girls who are molested by someone they knew is 80%. These statistics are sufficient to indicate the importance of Lifeprotector software that in addition to the functionality to inform the police that you are attacked by a rapist, also have integrated camera which will automatically take a photo of a rapist as soon as you point it to the offender face and it will send a picture of him to your contacts.

Lifeprotector app - call emergency without any button only with VOICE

protection from fire

We can all be found in an emergency and a difficult situation in which between us and our closest may be compromised assets and life itself. In such situations it is necessary to immediately act promptly, preferably automatically at defined and formatted procedures. Such a situation is a fire. When a fire occurs, we must act quickly and effectively and there comes Lifeprotector software which will be activated with a voice command "Call Fireman" after which it will automatically call the fire department and will send your exact location to your contacts.

Lifeprotector app - call emergency without any button only with VOICE

Don't get lost

All of us can find ourselves in situation to be lost whether we are in the forest, an unfamiliar city or unknown place. Lifeprotector software possesses high precision GPS system which will show you the exact coordinates of where you are and it will find emergency facilities that are nearest to your location. So forget that you will ever be lost. LP company also developed Global Emergency Broadcaster Service which will locate people near you in radius of 6 miles and will broadcast your coordinates to all of them, which will improve your conditions to be found.

Lifeprotector app - call emergency without any button only with VOICE

Medical Protection

Each of us can be found in such a situation that can not dial the number by hand or can not talk about what's happening now because of the seriousness of the situation in these emergency situations no one has more than a few seconds to act, and of the correct and quick response often depends on your life. The "Life Protector" can save your life, your health with capability to reduce the time it takes for you to invoke help, call and immediately meets more persons and competent services with your problem. This is very important in situations of heart attack, stroke, car accident etc.

London Fog Women's Short Double Breasted Trench Coat, Bluebell, Medium

Article -London Fog Women's Short Double Breasted Trench Coat, Bluebell, Medium

A superb, beautiful, beautifully designed, unusual, comfortable belted jacket, unusual, superb quality article name of London Fog Women's Short Double Breasted Trench Coat, Bluebell, Medium at an affordable price of (72.0, 'USD') that will what you will not believe your eyes.

  • Shell: 57% Cotton/43% Polyester, Lining: 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Belted trench coat featuring shoulder epaulets, faux gun flap, and button flap front pockets
  • Banded cuffs

Elegant and beautiful coat in accordance with the fashion of a new era that will stand you perfectly.Because of wise design of this trendy jacket it will get along with a variety of clothing.With its design layout this warm coat is warming your body during winter.Ladies customers was more than satisfied with this item and also we want you to like it. This Belted Jackets Jacket is available in various sizes, select your during the order process. Wear - use this article indicates your unique individuality to the final line shows your sexuality and attractiveness. Dimensions of item are Medium. Fashion Icon responsible for the creation of the item London Fog. London Fog Women's Short Double Breasted Trench Coat, Bluebell, Medium the quality of the item are: Double-breasted short trench coat with gunflap detail on the front . Epaulettes . Bags. Belt.. Color of product is Bluebell. Item is made of Polyester And Nylon. Super offer for this item, hurry buy this item. On click on button CLICK TO ORDER to purchase !.

Category - Belted Jackets

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Price - 72.00 $

Brand - London Fog

Rating - 4.5

Article London Fog Women's Short Double Breasted Trench Coat, Bluebell, Medium has a rating of 4.5 based on 9 customer marks

Color & Size - Bluebell & Medium

Life Protector - save your life with voice

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Belted jackets (Blazer) is a type of plus size coats, reminiscent of the jacket, but cut more casually(casual coats). Belted jacket is usually different from sport coat as more formal suit and adapted from solid colored fabrics. Blazers often have metal buttons naval-style reflect their historical association like armor worn by the boating club members. A Blazer the fabric is usually permanent, as it is designed as an outer jacket. Blazers are often part of the uniform that indicates, for example, airline employees, students, individual schools, members of the sailing and rowing clubs and athletes to a particular team. Wearing a jacket Blazers are worn with a wide range of other garments ranging from dress shirt and necktie with an open-necked polo shirt. They appear to be the trousers of all colors and fabrics, from the classic white cotton or linen, gray flannel, to brown or beige chinos as well as jeans. Furnished, classic cut, double-breasted navy blue jacket with buttons navy-style is a popular form and sometimes referred to as “cold storage” blazer. Especially in North America and the United Kingdom, it is now widely used in business casual attire. Jackets are worn as part of school uniforms, many schools across the Commonwealth, and in a wide palette of colors is still daily wear for most uniformed pupils in Britain, Australia and New Zealand. These are the jackets in the traditional sense, single chest often bright colors or pipes. This style is worn by some boat clubs, such as those in Cambridge and Oxford, the connector version only on special occasions, such as a boat club dinner. In this case, the pipeline is a student colors, and college buttons are nosily. Ta traditional style can be seen in many films set in the Edwardian era, such as Kind Hearts and Coronets. Where is the blazer of a suit for schools, colleges, sports club or an association of veterans of the armed forces, it is normal that the tag is sewn on the breast pocket. In schools, this may vary depending on the student's abilities in school; or a member of the junior or senior school, being a prefect or were assigned to paint in recognition of particular achievement in some academic or sporting field. In the Commonwealth, many Regimental Association (veterans organizations) wear polka blazers which also sport a similar badge on the breast pocket, usually in the form of a wire badge, and sometimes also regimental blazer buttons. The British military officers normally do not wear badges on their blazers (or boating jackets). All two Regimental blazers will very rarely be the same as they are drawn from a variety of civilian resources, and no authority issue. This has come to be representative of the fact that they are now civilians are members of the association, but retain the bond that the badge represents. Standard color is navy blue, although in some associations they wore different colors, such as green for the associations gun rifle regiments. Blazers, once commonly worn playing or attend the traditional gentlemen's sport, insisting only some games now, such as occasional use by tennis players or cricket, where in professional matches, as international test matches, it seems normal for the captain to wear jacket with logo a team or a national coat of arms on the breast pocket, at least during the coin toss at the beginning of the match. Two sporting events where blazers express win the Congressional Cup Regatta at the Long Beach Yacht Club and the Masters golf tournament, held in Augusta, Georgia. Former prize events crimson blazer to the winner several flights of match race sailing at the highest international caliber, the second prize green blazer to the top master's golfer in the United States. History Sartorial term blazer originated with the red \'blazers\' of the Lady Margaret Boat Club (1825), the rowing club St. John College, Cambridge. The Lady Margaret club jackets were termed blazers because of the bright red cloth; The term survived the original red coat. A writer in the London Daily News (22 August 1889) remarked that “In his article in the daily talk about” with striped red and black blazer “,” blazer “, the ”pale tense “nature. Blazer red flannel boating jacket worn by Lady Margaret, St. John College, Cambridge Boat Club. When I was at Cambridge he meant that, and nothing else. It seems from your article that blazer now means colored flannel jacket or cricket, tennis, boating, or coastal abrasion. These early blazers were like later sports jackets, but this term has never referred to blazers, instead describing jackets derived from the subsequent innovation of wearing odd jackets for land sports. The argument that the name is derived from HMS Blazer are not borne out by contemporary sources, even though it reported that before the standardization of uniforms in the Royal Navy, the crew of HMS Blazer wore “striped blue and white jackets”, apparently in response to the sailors of HMS Harlequin it turned into Harlequin dress. As late as 1845 they were at the concert crew of HMS Blazer put their Captain in jackets with blue and white stripes and it is from this that the word “Blazer”, meaning striped jacket, entered the language. Reefer jacket from the Navy origin and described by short double-breasted jacket worn by sailors in heavy weather when performing tasks such as reefing the sails. These offspring that at the term vest is now generally described. Originally with black horn buttons, these jackets evolved to the modern dark blazer, now single as well as double-breasted, and with metal buttons. Striped blazers became popular among British Mods in early 1960, and again in the Mod revival of the late 1970s - particularly in three color thick / thin stripe combinations, with three-button single breasted front, five or six inch side or center vents and sleeves - cuffs with multi-buttons. Various photos from 1964 and 1965 show London mods in boating blazers. Photos of mod icons Who since 1964 (as a large number of) different show, Pete Townsend, Keith Moon and John Entitle wearing boating blazer. Drug mod band, Small Faces, and other bands like mods - such as The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Kinks Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames, animals, Yardbirds, Moody Blues and the Troggs - had team members wearing striped blazers / boating jackets or later, brightly colored blazers with wide white or other light edge. Buttons on these later blazers often became non-metal, sometimes in the same color as the edge. Previously style striped blazers can be seen in the film Quadrophenia. Later, bright style of blazer was affectionately adopted by Austin Powers as part of its Swinging London look. By the late 2000's blazer was adopted as a popular fashion trend among women, frequently at shorter lengths, rolled up their sleeves and lapels and a variety of bright colors.