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Roco roca Women's Turtleneck Ribbed Elbow Long Sleeve Knit Sweater Dress RRW1520141z5-XL

Article - Roco roca Women's Turtleneck Ribbed Elbow Long Sleeve Knit Sweater Dress RRW1520141z5-XL

A modern sweater, fenomenal, recognizable quality article name of Roco roca Women's Turtleneck Ribbed Elbow Long Sleeve Knit Sweater Dress RRW1520141z5-XL at an perfect price of (22.99, 'USD') that will surprise even the biggest pessimists.

  • 70% Viscose,30%Chinlon
  • Length: (S)39.4inches (M)40.2 inches (L)41inches (XL)41.7inches
  • Bust (S)26.8inches (M)29.2inches (L)31.5inches (XL)33.9inches
  • Turtle Neck bodycon ribbed knit dress
  • Garment Care:Hand/Machine washable.Wash in cold water,bleach unable, flat dry

Modern cut with superior material equally beautiful Sweaters. This product will always will be popular. It is made of top quality material that will give you a nice feeling and you will look modern and relaxed in it. We invest hope you ladies will be pleased with this beauty. This Sweaters is available in multiple sizes, choose your during the order process Having on you this beautiful article emphasis your personality to the final line shows your sexuality and attractiveness. Size of item are X-Large. Fashion Icon responsible for the creation of the item is Rocorose. Roco roca Women's Turtleneck Ribbed Elbow Long Sleeve Knit Sweater Dress RRW1520141z5-XL is characterized by: Rocorose is a research and development, production, marketing high-end clothes, mainly exported to Western Europe, the United States.Every quarter,our stylist will release the newest design and share their concept with favoriate customers. What we firmly believe is to offer the reasonable price, high quality clothing ,being faithful friend with our customers.Time will prove all we work. Pls Note :Kindly choose your size when you place order . thank you !. Color of item is Camel. Item is made of Click On More Info Button. Buy this product by clicking on button Click To Order from

Category - Sweaters

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Price - 22.99 $

Brand - Rocorose

Rating - 4.0

Article Roco roca Women's Turtleneck Ribbed Elbow Long Sleeve Knit Sweater Dress RRW1520141z5-XL has a rating of 4.0 based on 481 customer marks

Color & Size - Camel & X-Large

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Women's sweater (American English) is a knitted garment intended to cover the torso and arms; either a cardigan sweaters for women or cardigan, which is different in that the jacket open front, while others not. In British English, a women's sweater can be called a jumper or jersey, and not hypernym equivalent women sweater that covers both sweaters for women and cardigans. Hoodies are worn by adults and children of both sexes; often more than a shirt, blouse, T-shirt, or other top, but sometimes next to your skin. Overs are usually made of wool, but can now be made of cottoncotton, synthetic fibers, or any combination thereof. Women's sweaters maintained by washing or dry cleaning, and use a cloth or pill roller blade. Types and DesignThe term "cardigan sweaters for women" is versatile for a variety of knitted garments. Although the term often relates to sweaters for women, but can also refer to a cardigan, a garment that is opened and secures the front and downwards. In any group, there is a great diversity of design. Different necklines are found, although the V-neck, crew neck and turtleneck most popular. Waist is usually at a height or slightly longer hip, just overlap the belt of an individual pants or a skirt, but may vary significantly. This can range from just below the breasts in women\'s clothing to mid-thigh in both sexes, or even more variation in knitted poncho longer the garment. The length of the sleeve is also variable, ranging from full-length or three-quarters of the short sleeves, cap sleeves or sleeveless. Front seam or opening sweatshirtshirts enables further various styles such as bolero jacket or a surplice. All edges have different types of borders as picots, horizontal and primary. Knitwear is generally slightly elastic and has a softer hand (full or drape) as fabrics, women's sweaters, which are closely fitted or a soft drape can also be consistent with the body, not that would require tailoring be knitted garment, such as darts, rockets and Gores. Even when used as a design, it may be involved with the material itself, without the need for seams. Nomenclature sweaters for women with open front fastened with buttons or zipper cardigan commonly referred to, but the nomenclature of other styles in different dialects can be quite confusing. In British English, it can be called a sweater for women pullover, cardigan sweaters for women or jersey. In the United States, however, "jumper" refers to style women\'s sleeveless dress, worn over a blouse or T-shirt and "jersey" refers to knitted shirts, especially if it is part of athletic uniforms. If the sleeve can be such a garment is called "tank top" in British English, while "tank top" in American English refers to a sleeveless shirt or shirt. In the US and Australian English, can be sleeveless Womens sweaters is also called a Womens sweater vest, especially if it has a V-neckline and slightly formal look reminiscent of a formal vest, garment, known as a vest in the UK British English, "vest" refers to shirt. In South African English, women sweater still called the victim. In sport, ice hockey, the upper part of the uniform ice hockey player was traditionally a cardigan sweaters for women; and although modern hockey uniform tops more often the victim commonly called "hockey cardigan sweaters for women," regardless of the style, but often in the US is called hockey "victim."Normal wear Thin cardigan sweaters for women can be worn tucked in the waist trousers; otherwise the men\'s sweaters for women worn untucked. Nevertheless, some people, including some television and film actors who were known for wearing tucked-in jumpers. Womens sweaters are a versatile piece of clothing can be worn on top of almost any outfit. Sweatshirts are often worn on the tops of sports kit while traveling to or from the sports field. Women's sweaters may be worn with a dress shirt on (and optional tie), which has the advantage that it allows the user to have the option of removing a women's sweater when it is inconvenient warm and still looking presentable in many situations. Layering and the ease with which it allows temperature regulation is a significant advantage for a woman's sweater as the production of clothing. Various methods have been developed for comfortably carrying a Womens sweater when removed. The three most common approaches are: waist (or loin cloth or a knotted front style) and over the shoulder. In the late 20th century sweaters for women increasingly came to be worn as an alternative to the incidents, the finer materials are more comfortable next to the skin. Some people enjoy wearing Christmas Womens sweaters connected around Christmas time to get into the festive spirit. Some women, women's sweaters are designed to be worn belted; belt or cord is sometimes knit the cardigan sweaters for women itself. Charts are often worn with long Womens sweaters or cardigan sweaters for women dress. Hockey uniforms, that today's ice hockey players wear is sometimes known as "cardigan sweaters for women", although they are more reminiscent of the jerseys worn in other parties. To is because they were the original uniforms simply sweaters for women with a logo of the wire at the front. However, as technology has changed, so your uniforms as the actual cardigan sweaters for women absorb too much moisture and become bulky and weighed down throughout the course of the game. Sweatshirts are probably kind of women's sweaters, but made of fabric and cut like sweat pants. The shirt is a variation women's sweater, intended for sport or casual wear. It is made from a thick, usually cottoncotton T-shirt material, as opposed to the knit fabric. Sweatshirts are also almost exclusively a casual dress, and not semi-formal and perhaps some other cardigan sweaters for women to be. T-shirts may or may not have a zipper. Cardigan sweaters for women design is fashion design specialization, in which knitted women's sweaters are designed to meet specific aesthetic, functional and economic considerations. The designer typically considers factors such as the insulating power of women sweater (and its apparent warmth to the user); fashion its colors, patterns, silhouette and style lines, especially the neckline and waist; comfort and practicality of her pieces; and commercial design, production costs and profitability of its price. Women's sweater designs are often published in books and knitting magazines. Women sweater design is an old art, but it is still to attract new designers such as Nicky Epstein and Meg Swans. Criteria aim of creating women sweaters sweaters for women that meets certain criteria.General Secondary criteria included electric strength material and play in the women sweaters to their intended flexibility of physical comfort;sweaters for women should be appropriate for the occasion, which will be worn;makes his planned mobility feel fashionable attractive;Meets these secondary criteria the designer has several tools that are available to them as soon as possible, colors, patterns, textures, necklines, hemlines, sleeve shapes, style, lines, pockets and decorations, as well as the fit of the garment for its intended flexibility, silhouette. For commercial women sweater design, production should be cardigan sweaters for women also cheap, that would not be the price point was too high. To is usually performed to simplify the design so that it can be carried out with the machine; more complex business models are usually hand-knitted pieces, which are then stitched together. For example, the separate pieces of hand-knitted women sweaters found in stores mainly knitted and assembled from different villages in China. Despite the wealth of design techniques and studies of successful models, the primary criterion (that is desired cardigan sweaters for women) is not always achieved, which is often due to factors that are beyond the control of the designer including Serendipity. The functional role as a benchmark cardigan sweaters for women are worn in different situations. For example, while some women sweaters to wear fancy dress occasions, while others are worn for work, religious services, sporting and outdoor events, such as hiking and camping. Similarly, the choice of cardigan sweaters for women varies with different climate and different seasons, although with different times of the day. Designer sweaters for women will generally focus special occasion and temperature, for example, bulky, cable, long-sleeved woolen chair for camping in comparison with refined, elegant simple, short-sleeved cashmere women sweater for white-collar work. Comfort criterion Comfort is paramount; women sweater should be worn feel at ease in the most general sense. The temperature must be right, the fabric must be “breathe” and does not irritate the skin. Women sweaters should hang right and do not require constant adjustment; This would be a good fit and allow normal movement without binding (ex, in the armholes). Finally, the women sweater should not feel uncomfortable flexibility because it is “cut” (ex. show bra straps or too much cleavage) or general style (for example, colors / patterns that the user feels inappropriate). Fitting sweaters for women Fit sweaters for women affect its convenience, its attractiveness and sometimes their practicality (ex dangling sleeve can fall into food or caught on hooks). The simplest cardigan sweaters for women (drop sleeve, cylindrical) requires six measurements:volume around the breast / chest ( the widest point) circumference (or width) of the neck below-arm length (armhole to sleeve-cuff edge). The circumference of the hand on the sleeve cuffs edge back length (vertical distance from the neck to the lower edge)armhole depth (vertical distance from the bottom of the armhole at the bottom)A few more measurements usually produce a well-equipped sweater for women:the circumference at the lower edge over-arm length (shoulder to sleeve-cuff edge)the volume of the upper arm near the arm hole height bust (the vertical distance from the back of the neck to the chest line)Shoulder width (the horizontal distance between the bony shoulders of points, measured across the back)For a more tailored appearance, they require more measurements the slope of the shoulders (the vertical distance from the base of the neck to the shoulder-point line)The length of the neck, shoulders (the horizontal distance from the base of the neck to the shoulder point)the extent of the zone, the point of maximum inward or outward curvature the height of the band (the vertical distance from the back of the neck to the waist line). Ideally, these measurements will be provided directly from the user, because the authorities have identified and these measurements can vary independently of one another, ex, measurement bust waist measurement does not provide or hips, as the amount is not determined by the length of the arm or shoulder width. Alternatively, the measurement of the body is estimated from clothing that meets the user well. As a last resort, you can use standard measurements such as EN 13402 or US standard clothing sizes. Of course, cardigan sweaters for women not need to meet exactly the wearer\'s body. It may be introduced to Ease women sweaters larger than the body (too high), characterized by increasing the circumference measurement of 2-6 inches. Different amounts easily can be introduced at various points to give sweaters for women distinctive silhouette. For example, “Gibson-Girl” sleeve is produced by adding a lot of ease to the upper arm and one in the lower arm, while the opposite is true for “bell” sleeves (also called “Bishop” sleeves). Similarly, corset loose in the chest and fit snugly at the waist, and vice verse. Negative simplicity (subtracted from measurements of the body), it is also possible to achieve a very tight look, but more than 2 inches is not recommended. By cardigan sweaters for women to match the desired measurement can be great fitting cardigan sweaters for women. The width of the knitted piece at a certain height, equal to the respective circumference; For example, if desired breast volume is 38 , and then forward or backward, the width of the height should be 19 each. The width of the upper sleeve (just before the cap sleeve, if any), is also equal to the desired circumference of the upper arm. After determining the size and shape of knitted pieces, the number of loops in a row, which is the desired width multiplied by the width of the knitting (npr5 st / inch). Similarly, the number of rows in the column determine the desired height by multiplying the vertical profile (ex 3 lines / inch). Shaping The human body has a curvature, but the woven fabric is flat and has little elasticity. To produce the smooth curvature (moderate) fabrics, it should be deducted from or added to hold the fabric. Positive curvature (retraction mechanism, as required in the chest points or more behind) is produced by subtracting pin (javelin) to point the arrow almost at the point of maximum curvature desired. The larger the wedge, the greater the local curvature. (Orientation of the arrows is irrelevant to the curvature, so that you can choose to accentuate style clothing line.) Similarly, negative curvature (ruffling / saddle-design, such as the edge of the skirt in the back or under the breasts) is made by adding a wedge (redness). Although the base of the individual holders usually situated on the seam, sometimes occur in pairs of wedges (diamondiamonds), which are independent of the seams. Subtracting the diamondiamond-shaped arrows produces positive curvature of external points of diamondiamond and negative curvature in the middle of the points that have been raised (good for chest or back). In contrast, the addition of diamondiamond-shaped insert produces a negative curvature on his advice and positive curvature at its beat (useful in creating stuffed animals). Sometimes they are sharp, angular edges softened wedges to form a continuous princes seams. Since the fabric is generally elastic, in accordance easily to the wearer's body without formatting. However, some design required when unusual twists rigid (ex, thick cables over stitched models or strong models) or in regions with high curvature (ex socks heel). Ironically, the design is much easier and less obvious than in knitwear and fabric cloth. Instead of cutting out the rungs and sew the edges together, knitters can add or subtract stitches; work short rows; or, more subtly everything resize needles to produce smaller / larger stitches in the desired “wedge” region. Choosing yarn the choice of yarn affect the comfort of a woman sweater, because it affects her warmth, weight and ability to “breathe” (air exchange). Some yarn will also produce itching or even allergic reactions in some bear. Yarn impact and curtain majority of twists, as well as the visibility of the seams. Intricate patterns jig are best seen with a smooth, highly spun yarn and can be seamlessly with “furry” yarns such as mohair or novelty yarn. Wash ability yarn to affect its serviceability. Thus, sweaters for womens, knitted for small children usually knitted acrylics, which are light and washable. Yarn will also determine lifespan cardigan sweaters for women (generally a yarn suffer less wear over time) and how well it will keep its shape (elastic yarns such as wool are better than non-elastic yarns such as cottoncotton or silk). Choosing colors choice of color is vital to design sweaters for women. The simplest option is to use several shades of a single color (ex, different shades of blue), perhaps accented with a contrasting color (eg yellow spots). Tildeling shades on the women sweater could have a significant visual impact, the principle of chiaroscuro; Dark colors tend to recede and smaller, while light shades of advancing and it seems bigger. For example, vertical lines with bright colors in the middle and dark colors on the sides have a slimming effect. Psychologically, bright colors, usually associated with simple, innocent or extroverted personality, while darker shades associated with a more thoughtful, experienced and introverted personality. ”Temperature” of a color also affects its perceived depth. Warm colors are red or yellow tones (including orange and yellow-green) and are psychologically associated with warmth and energy. Cool colors have a more bluish undertone (including purples, Aquas and greenery) and are psychologically associated with the bucket, calm personality. Warm colors tend to advance in relation to the cool colors, when both are presented simultaneously. Contrasting colors can be selected in various ways. A common choice is to take a complementary color from one of several color wheels (ex, blue and orange, green and red), or to select a pairing that occurs in nature, for example, yellow and red. The choice of form The designer has a lot of options for how to design length sleeves and a hat shelf / edge and chest / neck; These various options and their visual effects are described in their individual entries. The overall shape (contour) clothing is defined in the face, opened in various points, as described above under “Installation”. In addition, the womens sweaters with decorative lines / curves, even pictures. Na general, these lines are selected to achieve a balanced view; For example, a well-chosen line style helps replace personal lines considered too long or too angular or too short or too rounded. However, visual effects can be identified and knitter are encouraged to experiment. Choosing a general pattern The volume of the sample depending on the size of the whole sweaters for women is a key variable in the “look” in the womens sweaters. Large general patterns eliminate the need for accent patterns (see next section), but may be too bold for some users. Small, slim pattern provides the perfect backdrop for accent patterns, but may not be visible with a special yarns, or may be too retired for some users. Choosing to accent patterns women sweater make uniform in the same pattern is generally a relatively simple and underestimated, which may be the desired effect. However, more generally, to decorate the sleeve cuffs, and either a recess or a bottom edge with a focus pattern. The focus zone can be quite broad (often ~ 1/3 of the total length) and its boundaries may be straight or wavy / serrated. Smaller boundaries (such as collars, tops of pockets, a central seam in the jacket), it may receive a special decoration, as well as, for example, the cables along the edges. EmbellishmentsThere are many types of decorative ornaments that can change the entire look of sweaters for women. Collars and lapels are perhaps the most obvious visual embellishments. They frame the face, neck and shoulder, and complements the neckline and armhole line. Choice of closures is an important practical aspect and can also help to identify the style sweaters for women is. Buttons and zippers are the most common choice for womens sweaters, but frogs, ties and belts have also been observed. Shoulders and other design systems are rare, but may be included to identify specific silhouette. The fabric of the womens sweater can be decorated with different textures such problems, ruffles, pleats, ruching and gathering. Decorative patterns can be added by using beads, buttons, sequins, bobbles, bands and knots, as well as the patch or cord work. Overstretching (also known as Swiss darning) and other embroidery techniques allow many visual effects that can not be done with normal knitting, for example, in the round in a row of interlocking seams.