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Lifeprotector app - call emergency without any button only with VOICE

Protection From Criminals

Protect yourself from burglars, thieves, robbers and kidnappers. The software "Life Protector" continuously listens your voice commands, even when it is locked in your pocket, in case if you are faced with criminals,you just have to say a voice command "Call Police" or your custom voice command, the program "Life Protector" will automatically without pressing any key call the police and inform your nearest on the problem and the location where you are. You can also find the nearest police station from your current location with just one click on button Locate Police.

Lifeprotector app - call emergency without any button only with VOICE

Protection from Rapists

The world is full of maniacs and sex offenders or predators. Total number of registered sex offenders only in United States is 747,408 and percent of sexually molested girls who are molested by someone they knew is 80%. These statistics are sufficient to indicate the importance of Lifeprotector software that in addition to the functionality to inform the police that you are attacked by a rapist, also have integrated camera which will automatically take a photo of a rapist as soon as you point it to the offender face and it will send a picture of him to your contacts.

Lifeprotector app - call emergency without any button only with VOICE

protection from fire

We can all be found in an emergency and a difficult situation in which between us and our closest may be compromised assets and life itself. In such situations it is necessary to immediately act promptly, preferably automatically at defined and formatted procedures. Such a situation is a fire. When a fire occurs, we must act quickly and effectively and there comes Lifeprotector software which will be activated with a voice command "Call Fireman" after which it will automatically call the fire department and will send your exact location to your contacts.

Lifeprotector app - call emergency without any button only with VOICE

Don't get lost

All of us can find ourselves in situation to be lost whether we are in the forest, an unfamiliar city or unknown place. Lifeprotector software possesses high precision GPS system which will show you the exact coordinates of where you are and it will find emergency facilities that are nearest to your location. So forget that you will ever be lost. LP company also developed Global Emergency Broadcaster Service which will locate people near you in radius of 6 miles and will broadcast your coordinates to all of them, which will improve your conditions to be found.

Lifeprotector app - call emergency without any button only with VOICE

Medical Protection

Each of us can be found in such a situation that can not dial the number by hand or can not talk about what's happening now because of the seriousness of the situation in these emergency situations no one has more than a few seconds to act, and of the correct and quick response often depends on your life. The "Life Protector" can save your life, your health with capability to reduce the time it takes for you to invoke help, call and immediately meets more persons and competent services with your problem. This is very important in situations of heart attack, stroke, car accident etc.

Sterling Silver Created Spinel Pendant Necklace

Article -Sterling Silver Created Spinel Pendant Necklace

Trendy jewelry from category of pendants and name of Sterling Silver Created Spinel Pendant Necklace. This item has has perfect style and it sold at a price of (4.48, 'USD') which shows the quality of the product.

  • Imported

Top womans necklace that was created for your neck, which will be very prominent and it will stand you perfectly.Necklaces have always represented an essential part of the female jewelry that women loved and worn on special occasions .This divine Pendants represents the trend in the world and with this necklace you are going to be very modern and fashionable. We hope that you will do your rivals jealous with your new jewelry and. know that you are buying top quality luxury item and wear it on every opportunity. Brand that produces the item is Amazon Collection. Premium material from which it is created is 925 Sterling Sterling Silver Created Aquamarine, Created White Sapphire Beautiful color of necklase is Blue. Characteristics of it are: its material and design. See the current offer and grub this beautiful jewelry.

Category - Pendants

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Price - 4.48 $

Brand - Amazon Collection

Rating - 4.5

Article Sterling Silver Created Spinel Pendant Necklace has a rating of 4.5 based on 11 customer marks

Color & Size - Blue & None

Life Protector - save your life with voice

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Word pendant necklaces from the old French word “Kendra” and the Latin word “Pender” which meant that “hang down.” It is available in the form of a loose hanging piece of jewelry, typically coupled with a small loop of string which may be known as a “ necklace pendants necklace”. Necklace pendants earring with a piece hanging down. In modern French “ pendant necklaces” is the gerund form of “hanging” (also meaning “in”). One of the earliest types of body adornment necklace pendants. Primeval man likes to put a small hole in a beautiful cliff and slip string usually made of grass or vines, so it would be hung around his neck. They can also be used shells and other indigenous materials. In ancient Egypt, Pharaohs usually wore a scarab beetle rings symbolize their wealth and power. Photo and nobility in ancient Egypt wore a certain type of pendant necklaces with the name of the cartridge. Necklace pendants can have multiple functions that can be combined:The prize (ie Award Scouting Ireland Chief Scout is red Cuchulain), Identification (ie, religious symbols, sexual symbols, symbols of rock groups), Decorations (ie, precious stones), Protection (ie, amulets, religious symbols) and Self-affirmation (ie, initials, names). Many specialized types of tags include lockets that open, often revealing pictures and pend ilia hanging from large metal objects. Types Through the ages, the necklace pendants come in different forms to serve different purposes. AmuletAlthough charms come in many forms, wearable amulet worn around the neck or on the arm or leg in the form of a pendant necklace it is the most common. These objects are believed to have magical or spiritual power to protect the user against the risk or exclude evil influences. Talisman Like the amulet, talisman is subject believed to have supernatural properties. Despite the fact that the amulet is strictly defensive facility is a talisman meant to provide special benefits or power user. The necklace pendants is a small object that appears to be a space that serves to hold a small object, which is typically a photograph. These typically come in the form of a pendant necklace hanging from a string, although occasionally hangs charm bracelet. MedallionMedallion is the most coin-shaped piece of metal worn as a necklace pendants around the neck or pinned to clothing. These are generally awarded as prizes, awards or religious blessings. USB DriveDuring the first decade of the 21st century jewelers begin to include USB flash drive into pendant necklaces.