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Lifeprotector app - call emergency without any button only with VOICE

Protection From Criminals

Protect yourself from burglars, thieves, robbers and kidnappers. The software "Life Protector" continuously listens your voice commands, even when it is locked in your pocket, in case if you are faced with criminals,you just have to say a voice command "Call Police" or your custom voice command, the program "Life Protector" will automatically without pressing any key call the police and inform your nearest on the problem and the location where you are. You can also find the nearest police station from your current location with just one click on button Locate Police.

Lifeprotector app - call emergency without any button only with VOICE

Protection from Rapists

The world is full of maniacs and sex offenders or predators. Total number of registered sex offenders only in United States is 747,408 and percent of sexually molested girls who are molested by someone they knew is 80%. These statistics are sufficient to indicate the importance of Lifeprotector software that in addition to the functionality to inform the police that you are attacked by a rapist, also have integrated camera which will automatically take a photo of a rapist as soon as you point it to the offender face and it will send a picture of him to your contacts.

Lifeprotector app - call emergency without any button only with VOICE

protection from fire

We can all be found in an emergency and a difficult situation in which between us and our closest may be compromised assets and life itself. In such situations it is necessary to immediately act promptly, preferably automatically at defined and formatted procedures. Such a situation is a fire. When a fire occurs, we must act quickly and effectively and there comes Lifeprotector software which will be activated with a voice command "Call Fireman" after which it will automatically call the fire department and will send your exact location to your contacts.

Lifeprotector app - call emergency without any button only with VOICE

Don't get lost

All of us can find ourselves in situation to be lost whether we are in the forest, an unfamiliar city or unknown place. Lifeprotector software possesses high precision GPS system which will show you the exact coordinates of where you are and it will find emergency facilities that are nearest to your location. So forget that you will ever be lost. LP company also developed Global Emergency Broadcaster Service which will locate people near you in radius of 6 miles and will broadcast your coordinates to all of them, which will improve your conditions to be found.

Lifeprotector app - call emergency without any button only with VOICE

Medical Protection

Each of us can be found in such a situation that can not dial the number by hand or can not talk about what's happening now because of the seriousness of the situation in these emergency situations no one has more than a few seconds to act, and of the correct and quick response often depends on your life. The "Life Protector" can save your life, your health with capability to reduce the time it takes for you to invoke help, call and immediately meets more persons and competent services with your problem. This is very important in situations of heart attack, stroke, car accident etc.

Winstonia 8pcs Set Double Ended 10 Size Dotting Tools Sable Detailing Painting Brushes Pen Kit

Article -Winstonia 8pcs Set Double Ended 10 Size Dotting Tools Sable Detailing Painting Brushes Pen Kit

This excelent article from category of Nail Tool. Full name of this item is Winstonia 8pcs Set Double Ended 10 Size Dotting Tools Sable Detailing Painting Brushes Pen Kit and surely it will serve you well. This item is very popular among our users and its very cost effective. Item value in amarican dollar is (9.95, 'USD').

  • Winstonia is a registered trademark of Winstonia LLC and is exclusively distributed by Winstonia Store. Winstonia trademark is protected by U.S. Trademark Law.
  • 5pc Double Ended Dotting Tools with 10 sizes.
  • 3pc Sable Detailing Painting Brushes with 3 sizes.
  • Light weight, easy to carry around, easy to clean.
  • Satin zipper for convenience storage and one random color nail file.

Brand that produces this item is Winstonia. . Color of nail tool is Blue/Pink/Purple/Yellow. Nail Tool Article is made of materials: Click On More Info Button. This item is recognizable by: This Winstonia 8pc Nail Art set gets you ready in creating endless possibility of nail art! The tools come in one black satin zipper for convenience storage and ease of carrying around; it also includes one complimentary pink nail file. 5pc Double Ended Dotting Tools: -Professional, high quality dotting tools -5 colors for better recognition while working on nail art -Double Ended in 10 different sizes -Use to create polka dots nails, sugar spun nails, marbling effect -Comes with a pouch for easy storage -Colors: Purple, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green 3pc Detailing Painting Brushes: -Detailer brushes come with finely tapered cylindrical head -3 different sizes (0, 00, 000) -Sizes are marked on the handle for easier recognition. -Excellent for short strokes and small lines and details -Handles are acetone proof -Color: Dark Brown Winstonia is a US based seller, check out our feedback.. we ship fast!. Hurry up,click on button Click To Order to order item via

Category - Nail Tools

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Price - 9.95 $

Brand - Winstonia

Rating - 4.5

Article Winstonia 8pcs Set Double Ended 10 Size Dotting Tools Sable Detailing Painting Brushes Pen Kit has a rating of 4.5 based on 95 customer marks

Color & Size - Blue/Pink/Purple/Yellow & None

Life Protector - save your life with voice

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Pedicure set is superficial cosmetic treatment of the feet and nails. This provides a similar service to a manicure. Pedicures are done for cosmetic, therapeutic and medical purposes, and may help prevent nail diseases and nail disorders. They are very popular all over the world, especially among women. Pedicure not just limited to nails; usually dead skin cells on the bottom of the feet rubbed using a rough stone called pumice. In addition, care leg below the knee became common, and now expects the services included in the pedicure. Leg care includes waxing over shaving or waxing or exfoliation followed by granular, application of moisturizers and short foot massage. Etymology The word pedicure comes from the Latin word penis, which means “foot”, and Cura, which means “care”. History People were pedicure your nails for more than 4,000 years. In southern Babylon, nobles used solid gold tools to make yourself a manicure and pedicure. Use nail polish can be traced back even further. Originating in China in 3000 BC, nail color indicated an individual\'s social status, in accordance with the Ming Dynasty manuscript; royal nails were painted black and red. The ancient Egyptians were manicuring all the way back to 2300 BC. Representation of the early manicure and pedicure was on carving from the tomb of Pharaoh\'s, and the Egyptians were famous for paying special attention to their feet and legs. Egyptians also painted their nails, using red to show the highest social class. It is said that Cleopatra nails painted dark red, while the queen Nefertiti went with flashier ruby shadow. In ancient Egypt and Rome, military commanders also painted their nails to match their lips before they went into battle. Pedicure United States Pedicure industry began to grow noticeably in 2000 was approximately 50,000 nail salons located throughout the United States (US), and then, compared with nearly 200,000 Nail salons today. This was largely driven by the full-service shop. Manicure has high growth rates in comparison with other industries. Pedicure itself takes about 45 minutes to one hour. This results in extremely high equivalent hourly fees and thereby increase the GDP between 2000 and 2004 increased from 2 billion to 6. The economic impact according to the US Department of Labour, manicure and pedicure specialists earned a median income of 24,000 in 2006. Most experts earn hourly wages, which can be expanded to advice customers. Independent nail technicians depend on repeat business and consistent business to earn their livings. The most successful independent manicure technicians can earn salaries as 50,000 per year. It also can be a lot of nail technicians earn up to 300 per hour to perform more technical polish treatment, such as pink and white and sculpture. Although these drugs are not especially popular for legs are, nevertheless, the option would anyone want to have such treatment. Standard therapy Manicure usually cost in the region of 40. Similar salary you can earn with a qualified pedicure technicians who work in exclusive and high end spas and salons. Some of the most common types are as follows (names and products may vary from spa to spa):Regular Pedicure: a simple treatment that includes foot soaking, scrubbing foot by pumice stone or foot file, nail trimming, nail design, foot and calf massage, cream and nail polishing. Spa Pedicure: Includes regular pedicures and generally adds one of the following: paraffin dip, masks, mud or seaweed treatments. Paraffin Manicure: treatment, including regular pedicures, but also includes the use of paraffin wax. The legs are covered with a layer of paraffin wax, to moisten the legs. Stone Pedicure: In fact, foot massage, which involves the use of various essential oils that are rubbed by using hot stones to massage the feet and legs. French manicure: regular pedicure, which includes the use of white paint on the tip of the nail with a clean pink at the base. Mini Manicure: This focuses mainly on the fingers with a quick soak nail design and nail, but does not include massage and the only Serb. Ta is designed for appointments during regular pedicures for general well maintained feet. Athletic Pedicure: As with a regular pedicure for both sexes. This includes either clear fingernail polish or buffing. Generally the aromatics used more cooling as peppermint, cucumber, or eucalyptus. Chocolate Pedicure: pedicure, which may include chocolate foot soak, foot mask chocolate or chocolate moisturizing lotion. Ice Cream Pedicure: pedicure, where bath ball, which looks like a scoop of ice cream that is selected. Soak followed by a scrub for the feet (usually vanilla, chocolate or strawberry) and topped with whipped moisturizing lotion. Red nail polish simulates ice cream is “cherry”. Margarita Pedicure: regular pedicure that includes salt exfoliation, irrigation with water from a fresh lime, lime-based massage oil and cream. Champagne or wine Manicure: This is a regular pedicure usually featuring exfoliating grape seed, grape peel mask, and finishing with grape seed oil or moisturizing massage. Notes Most places use a pumice stone or device type PedEgg to shave calluses. If you have calluses shaved too aggressive and the skin is broken, it can become a portal for bacteria or fungi. This is particularly problematic for diabetics who need special care of the feet. Different spas use a variety of solutions and chemicals to clean or soak your feet. Each of these chemicals / solutions can cause skin irritation. There may be a risk of ingrown toenail due to improper pruning. The instruments may not be sterilized and can be transferred to the fungal or bacterial cell. The fungus is easily transmitted from one person to other. These organisms can live for several days on objects, especially if they are not properly cleaned.